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An HTML contains the following script. After removing the script, there are some changes in the overall style of the web page. Is there any way to download the style in the script and call it locally?

    www: '',
    uri: '',
    ver: '1.0',
    roll: ["1","2"],
    ajaxpager: '0',
    url_rp: ''

Answer 0:

I fumbled and solved it, and recorded the backup.

It is loaded with a main.js
Put main.js in the JS directory and upload it to your website, such as
Then you can change URI to your website

Answer 1:

You should define a global variable yourself, and the effect is similar to that of VaR jsui.

Answer 2:

It should be after the JS gets the window.jsui parameter and loads the stylesheet so that the address or version number of the stylesheet can be modified directly by modifying the parameters of the window.jsui. You can look for specific code to use jsui, and then you can find the style address.了

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