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As shown in the following figure:
Figure 1: generating a static file
Figure two: under MAC, the privileges are not enough to generate static files, and buffer.php files are set to 777 highest permissions.
Figure three: you can see the file on the local server
Figure four: access error, unable to generate new file index.shtml

PS:Last night to visit buffer.php or index.shtml can be generated, in the morning I want to use the figure 1 of the code to re – birth index.shtml can not be generated, and report 500 errors… Do not understand ah…
Ask the great God to help diagnose the problem. Thank you…

Answer 0:

The processing buffer should be ob_start (), and 500 is code error.

Answer 1:

What user do you run with PHP?

sudo php-fpm

It doesn’t have permission to start this way

Answer 2:

sudo killall php-fpm
Then reboot through sudo

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