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This setting can not be previewed in the development tool

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Write a few months of the small program, feel this wepy framework is very good always do not know how to use, and then download the wepy demo online, after downloading completely do not know how to open the WeChat development tools (see laughter), later to know that the need to run a NPM install,Then there will be a dist directory in your folder, which can be previewed with the developer tool, but our development needs to be in the pages under the SRC directory (no need to pay attention to dist at the time of development), and we will write VUE in pages.It’s good to write a small program! App.wepy is equivalent to a small program’s app entry file, and the config in it will be compiled into app.josn, which can preview the picture description at the top of the page that you need to preview.

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You are pointing to the detail and index folders. You need to write the ground page, like this.

"pages": [

In addition, what is the wrong message?

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