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Re – Update
I’ve added the path to my path C: Users Administrator PycharmProjectslearning_logll_envLibsite-packagesdjangobin
Then the operation command line is entered in turn startproject learning_log .
Or there is no file

Original problem: file problems, Baidu encountered new doubts.
The puzzled Baidu quiz shows the following pictures

It is doubtful that this sentence is:
Note that, in the installation directory of Django, adds a path when typing a command. If it’s Windows, it’s
PythonInstall the directory Libsite-packagesdjangobin

Does it mean adding a path or has it been added again?
Because I see “python programming from entry to practice” this book did not say ah, so confused.
Trouble you guys to answer

Answer 0:

python The best way to use ide pychart is to use it. Normally managed files are error-free and standard. The reason you make mistakes is because your environment is not right.

Answer 1:

It is also a failure for me to call generation project directly in Windows case.
Finally, the is directly pulled from Python to CMD, and then it is too cumbersome to build Linux learning directly.

Answer 2:… Look at this, it’s always a success.

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