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Mobile web site to achieve WeChat third party login to see…

The first step is not successful.

var url=encodeURIComponent(location.href);

But the opening is a hint

Answer 0:

Can only be used in WeChat to open, other browsers can not be used.

Answer 1:

Download WeChat developer tools

Answer 2:

Well. Ask the landlord, how to solve it

I think I asked a question here when I received the mail. I found the reason. Because this is the web end of the call WeChat, can only be opened with WeChat, in addition to the Jingdong. Because Jingdong WeChat login interface is not the same.

This is the interface of the Jingdong tune. API is not found in it. Students who have seen can open the page of Jingdong mobile phone with chrome.
Absolutely unimaginable py transactions

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