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For example, the web page on my GitHub pages originally passed.Username.Github.ioIt can be accessed; however, after I bind to my domain name, either by domain name or by domain name.Username.Github.ioUnable to access; prompted to find my domain name server DNS address. Ask to know
The domain name parse is configured as follows

The CNAME file is also added to the GitHub pages directory
Here is the error of the GitHub settings page:

Answer 0:

As for the conclusion of the end of the domain name will not affect, I have not tested, but I can not see the need for the end of the domain.

In the ten thousand step, it is not enough to add CNAME to light. Since you can’t find DNS, you should go to the DNS configuration instead of CNAME.

You can use this command to see if it is successful

dig yourURL +nostats +nocomments +nocmd

I tried, and you didn’t point to this DNS

Therefore, you need to go to the domain name provider’s management page, plus this DNS address:

Answer 1:

1.It’s like upstairs saying one more.
2.You need to upload a name in your GitHub repositories.CNAME The contents of your domain name are your domain name

I’ll be able to configure it like this

DNS analysis

Answer 2:

.io. Is it more than a few points

Answer 3:

My configuration

Answer 4:

CNAMESet up Wan Wan analysis, and then set up your page branch, this is mainly set up branches.

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