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Weex scrollerIf the height is not specified, will the height be as high as the content?
scrollerIs the height not suitable for the height of its parent container?

Answer 0:

Different situations may be different. Suggest sticking the code.

Answer 1:
<scroller style="flex:1">

Answer 2:

Hello, the problem you said is different at different ends.
For example, the height of web is scroller, which is the height of child.
iosThe original end is adaptable to the distance between the containers, but, if the height of the child and the &lt and scroller are high, there is no elastic rolling characteristic, only when the height or width of the scroller is exceeded.

Answer 3:

My code ends with Vue, so the bottom should be weex Vue framework. The effect is what I described

Answer 4:

At the native side, scroller is the root view:
If you do not explicitly set the height, fill the entire screen by default. If the height has been set, the height is accurate.
scroller For subview:
If the height is not explicitly set, the height of the content is the criterion. If the height has been set, the height is accurate.

You can write a small demo test.

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