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weex textMixed with text, you want to put it on the same line, and how to automatically change the content beyond the screen.

Answer 0:

flex-direction: column; This property is OK. Hope to accept it. Thank you.

  <div class="wrapper">
    <a  href="">
      <text class="text">Jump</text>

<style scoped>
  .wrapper {
    flex-direction: column;


Answer 1:

Do you have the same problem as landlord?

Answer 2:

weexThis is really a comparison pit, no rich text components, and with the needs of UI design and other factors, sooner or later, there will be more complex requirements, so it is suggested that the rich text components should be extended at the native side.

Answer 3:

Can you provide the next scene? How many text components are side-by-side? I am sorting out the layout plan of weex recently, hoping to discuss the answer with you.

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