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1、In the picture uploading function, the disk used is FTP

Current rough flow

  1. Back end acquisition$file = $request->file() ,directstoreAsTo the FTP serversourceCatalog

  2. $file->moveConducttmpTemporary file movement, move to localsourceThe following operation of the thumbnail of the directory (Question 1:Do we need to do such a superfluous operation on TMP? Or is there any way to do thumbnails and watermark operations directly?

  3. utilizeIntervention\ImageThird party package To the localsourceThe picture of the directory is a thumbnailImage::make($tmp_file_path)->widen() Operation (at this time how to send a thumbnailftp disk?)

  4. This step is similar to the third step.ftp disk

The old driver has trouble with other processes

Answer 0:

Man, I had this problem too. I just cut the front end and pass the big and small pictures to me, and then I send them to the FTP server. The watermark has not been made.
I use the default Laravel 5.1 upload file. Why can’t I connect directly to FTP?

Link of this Article: Laravel FTP upload file problem

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