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All the tutorials I read online use hostapd + udhcpd/dnsmasq/isc-dhcp-server to open WiFi hot spots. The raspberry pie system I brushed before 17 years ago could be opened normally according to these tutorials, but the memory card was broken later.Downloading the latest system on raspberry’s official website (released in September 8th), the new system encountered some problems in opening the AP mode:

  • The tutorials need to be in/etc/network/interfaces Add towlan0Information, I opened the document found that there are only a few lines of notes, noeth0andlowlan0Information, but useifconfig The command can see the 3 interfaces.

  • I added to the tutorialwlan0After the reopening of the raspberry pie, reuseifconfigThe command can’t be seenloandeht0The interface will not be able to access the Internet by cable network.sysuh3cCampus network authentication for wired network, prompt after reboot.eth0The interface does not exist);

  • I once forgot how to set it up, and the raspberry pie was able to get online, turn on hot spots, and connect to the hotspot on my mobile phone, and then get online normally. But the windows connection showsNo Internet connection,The connection failed with Linux. (it seems to be in the connection.Get the IP address This step is wrong);

I hope you can give us a complete tutorial or some hints and suggestions.

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At present, you can find a way to open AP mode, which is the create_ap project on Github. Raspberry pie 3B, which supports raspbian, opens the hotspot with one click (although I’m not sure about the principles and questions raised in the title).

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