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TPshop Thinkphp5.0 Coupon
TP-COUPONIt is a free open source coupon system developed with the Thinkphp framework. TP-COUPON’s membership system is based on UCenter, which can be purchased with Discuz, Ecshop, PHPCMS, DEDECMS, Thinksns, and daily group buying.Unification, the most indigenous group purchase system, micro-blog and other supporting UCenter integration application seamless integration.

Excuse me, I’m doing a second development about the hotel system management software, coupon function to add, the question is:
1、Pay attention to vouchers;
2、Full delivery;
About the realization of these two functions, how do we achieve it? Is there any case to refer to? Thank you!

Answer 0:

I wrote the function logic of the coupons, but I can’t give you the company’s project. I’ll organize the map for you.

Answer 1:

Hello, I am also developing a voucher system. Can you give me some core code as a reference?

Link of this Article: TPshop development of coupons

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