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The H5 payment of the official network starts and pays the way of payment:


Hungry and the US takeaway H5 the way to tune up WeChat is:

  • The latter will be returned directly to WeChat in the absence of cancellation, and will not be returned to the original address or set to redirect_url.

  • But the former, there will be a step like this
    Excuse me, has anyone ever encountered the capture event in H5?

Answer 0:

Go straight to the code.

                        "appId" : data.appid,
                        "timeStamp" : timeStamp.toString(),
                        "nonceStr" : data.nonceStr,
                        "package" : data.packages,
                        "signType" : "MD5",
                        "paySign" : data.paySign
                        if(res.err_msg == "get_brand_wcpay_request:ok"){
                            //WeChat succeeds in paying successful paymentAlert ("WeChat pays successful payment");}else if (reS.err_msg = = "get_brand_wcpay_request:cancel") {Alert ("cancel payment! ");}else{Alert ("payment failed! ");}});

By the way, the official API, click here:

Answer 1:

I also want to ask this question, can you tell me if you have solved it

It has been solved. If you generate a deeplink, you can cancel the click event.

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