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The idea of blogging is also from the old boy’s Alex. The teacher said yes, as a programmer, they also need to show themselves, but all the things need the accumulation of quantity, as Xunzi said, “no more than a thousand miles; no small stream, no river.”

I want to write a Python series blog that has the experience of thinking and solving the pits. The content of my blog does not try to simply repeat some of the principles, and I will integrate the knowledge points in the way of thinking and mapping.Those who are similar to the rookie tutorial website are solved. Although the mind map is not yet very familiar, but I believe that as long as the courage to practice, according to the 10,000-hour theory, nothing can not be done well, just a matter of time.

Finally, I hope that you can see the problems in the blog to be positive. If you have no understanding, you can leave a message and communicate with you.


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