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Hello, everybody!
I just started using vscode to learn Vue
The following plug-ins are currently downloaded

But when you write stylus in Vue, it is found that the colon can not be automatically followed by the colon.

But you can automatically bring a colon in a CSS file

Excuse me, do I have any wrong location?

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The standard stylus syntax is that there are no brackets, no semicolons, no colon.
At first you may not be very adaptable. If you write for a long time, you will find that this is really cool.
But the king still likes SCSS, stylus function can not meet the king, and, if it is directly in the browser style, and then want to copy and paste to vscode, and have to manually delete the colon and semicolon, although not deleting can, but after all to be unified.
Although the king has seen the use of stylus, but the writing method is SCSS, it is better to start with the SCSS, the king is also more support the Vue project to use SCSS.

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