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I’m trying to find out at least what Spring jar packages are needed to run the SpringMVC framework, and first I only affirm a Spring-webmvc.jar dependency in maven, trying to determine the jar package that is needed through the further error message of the program.However, my program runs directly, and I found these packages in my project.

But my Maven affirms this:

Can you tell me where these bags come from? Is it Maven intelligent or IDEA? It really puzzles me.

Answer 0:

mavenThere is a transfer dependency mechanism, a chestnut, such as a jar packet A, A and jar package B, hot, when you introduce jar package A in the project, Maven will automatically introduce jar package B.
Then there are projects based on the spring framework, which generally introduce spring-context dependency, and then introduce other dependencies in accordance with requirements.

Answer 1:

ideaYou can view the dependencies of the Maven project jar package through the Maven projects component.

Answer 2:

This is the credit of maven, which is part of Maven’s work. You don’t seem to know much about Maven. Here is a tutorial on Maven. You can take a look. Https://…

Answer 3:

If you just want to find the jar package and don’t want to use maven, pack it with Maven and unpack the jar package, and you get all the jar packages.

Answer 4:

Thank you. I understand that Maven automatically imports dependency packages, and goes back to the system to learn about Maven.

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