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In school, students used MyEclipse when they studied. When they later wrote Android, they found that AS was easy to use and wanted to switch to idea.

But after MyEclipse is building the web project, right-click on the project to add support from various frameworks.
ideaIt seems that we need to choose the framework needed when we build projects.

What I need is Struts2, Spring, Hibernate framework.
Spring seems to have several of them and I don’t know which one to choose.
Integration does not seem to be the same as MyEclipse’s project directory.

And if these frameworks are not integrated, Tomcat can run and integrate into Tomcat.

What is the correct way of doing it?

Answer 0:

ideaThe best thing is to use Maven together, build a project based on maven, and when you use the SSH framework in the project, idea automatically detects and prompts the relevant framework support.

Answer 1:

For SSH, it is best to use Maven to build projects, mainly in order not to waste time in order to guide packages or package errors and errors.

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