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There is no opening at the moment. A separate application for mail

Gift card (no development document)Qualification conditions1. Please confirm that the main body of the public number company has a single use prepaid card qualification or a single use prepaid card issued by the payment agency with a multi-purpose prepaid card license, such as the App Store gift card jointly issued by apple and the credentials.;2, please confirm that the public account of the applicant has the functions of "WeChat payment" and "WeChat card voucher".3, open food and beverage, shopping (super business, department stores, comprehensive e-commerce, clothing, shoes and bags, food, cosmetics, digital appliances, sports outdoor, flowers and gifts, etc.), hotels;4. Present ritesThe product card is in the invitation test stage. We will give priority to the selection of merchants who meet the gift card scenario and service industry category.ItApplication informationIt1. Apply for the appid of the public number and the name of the public number;2, WeChat pays the merchant number (special recommendation number).3. Single use prepaid cardThe proof materials of the case or the certification materials jointly issued with the payment agencies of the multipurpose prepaid card licence;4, the main purpose of the gift card, distribution scenarios and verification methods;Please send the above four information to We will deal with you as soon as possible.Request.

Gift card

2018.01.02 To update

At present, the WeChat gift card has been opened.

WeChat gift card

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Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

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Our company can be customized, developed, Wuxi coffee, and grace bread are all developed by ourselves, telephone 18800581703 and WeChat, Wuxi light fast technology. Small program, through the official WeChat card pack, let customers experience Starbucks’s small program with simple and smooth purchase experience.

Here is greth’s gift card video operation demo…

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