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How to make ellipse this method can be used to draw red box in these two.Vue files ~ ~

Answer 0:

In main.js, the global method is defined in the packaged entry file, Vue.prototype.searchForlftid=function () {/Your logical code /};
Call it in other Vue files, this.searchForlftid ();

Answer 1:

Is it a parent-child component or a non parent-child component? In the official document of Vue, there are ways to communicate between them.

Answer 2:

Public methods are presented as utils.js or libs.js
When exported by export, you only need import {a} form’utils.js’to introduce the a method, which is the same as API processing.

Answer 3:

1.You can draw out a method and write it into a general method, and then export and introduce it with E6’s module method.
2.It can be written into mixin, and is referenced in mixin by Vue.

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