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Dear gods, help look at the screenshots below. Just touching Vue, many do not understand.

getAfter that, it’s 404. I don’t know what’s the reason

Thank you, God.

Answer 0:

Or the path is wrong, it can only show that the path is really wrong. Look at yourself.index.htmlWhere is the path of the file (usually mounted on the root of the project), if yes.

|--- index.html
|--- data
|      |--cartData.json
|--- webpack.config.js

If the project can be accessed, all the files in theory are accessible, such as the above
webpack.config.js Can be entered through the browser’s address barhttp://localhost:8080/webpack.config.js Access to

Go to the browser address bar to enter accesshttp://localhost:8080/data/cartData.jsonIf you can’t access, it’s estimated where the problem is configured.

Answer 1:

Path error is not applied to your web page (webpack).

Link of this Article: Vue $http get newspaper 404

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