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Custom start dependency steps:


1、  Add the configuration annotation file


–          Specify what condition the configuration is loaded

–          Using enableconfigurationProperties to annotate the specified parameter configuration file

–          Injecting configurationProperties annotation file through constructor (other methods can also be used).

–          Use conditionalOnMissingBean annotation to create default bean instances and import default parameters.


2、  Add configurationProperties to annotate file configuration parameters


–          Specify the configuration path of the YML configuration file

–          Configuring the default parameters for the specified path in the file



1)       Configuration in resources/ META-INF/ spring.factories file is not a default application file.


Define the full path of the startup class and the full path of the custom boot class, for example:

1 org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.EnableAutoConfiguration=\
2)       Write the annotation annotation class


–          @Target(ElementType.TYPE)

–          @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME)

–          @Import(Custom start.Class)

–          In the main boot class, use the note @ the startup class that has just been written.

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