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    By using JS to quote Vue, we will not mention it. The key point is to use NPM to build Vue scaffolding. (below is the operation under the windows system, win7+).

    npmIt’s a command line tool. Before building Vue scaffolding, nodeJS is first installed. The following is the download address of node:


    The 8.11.3 on the left is the most stable version of my blog at this time. Please download this production environment. On the right is the latest version.

    Download it after the regular installation.


    According to the installation of Vue, we started to build Vue scaffolding.

    Install the latest stable version of Vue $NPM install Vue, such as the installation again when the installation is the update operation, the following diagram, I have installed the prompt update:


    (If we don’t write node only to build Vue projects, we don’t use the node command box at the moment, and the installation of node is just for a NPM command environment, and when you install Vue, you can knock in the DOS command).

    After the installation is completed, Vue –version can view the current version of Vue.


    shellThe operation is shown as follows: the vue-cli is installed globally, and a new project based on the webpack template is created, and the file directory to be stored by CD is installed later, and the final run can be done.


     dosWhen you do not move, return to y, indicating some plug-ins installed (you can also choose n, install it later, and recommend y).


    dosThe following does not move basically to indicate the installation completion.


    Notice, there is a CD my-project on it, which means that the CD to the project and the directory, the execution of the NPM run dev running project, after the execution will be like this:


    When the browser opens,

     (Attention, ha, don’t shut the DOS on the top. When the project is closed, it will stop running!


    Above, we have completed the scaffolding construction of Vue project.


    This is the form of the generated directory structure. More explanation about Vue, to be continued…







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