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  This article is a reprinted article of others, with a small amount of my own feelings. I am also recently interviewed for changing jobs. I think this article is quite good when I read this article. Personally, I feel that I need to think carefully about changing my job. I wonder why I should quit my job and not quit my job. Of course, the iron heart decided to leaveThen you have to be prepared for a new job. It’s quite simple to say a word out of leaving. As far as my personal efforts are concerned, it is necessary to review and sort out the work experience of the former company before leaving the job.

Job hunting preparation

  Step 1, analyze yourself, make an accurate positioning for yourself, and choose a suitable job hunting direction.

  Step 2, combine your own personal situation to write a highly targeted resume.

  Step 3, consolidate and review the knowledge of J2EE and the direction of job search.

  Step 4, face the future interview with optimistic and positive thinking!!!

Interview points

  Technical assessment is usually divided into written examination and technical interview. Among them, the technical interview is divided into professional knowledge interview and project experience assessment. It should be said that the written and professional interview is to assess your knowledge and proficiency in J2EE. And project experience assessment is to see whether you have the project experience.Whether it is suitable for the employment needs of enterprises, whether it is necessary for enterprises to pay the cost of training for you, is it possible for you to immediately invest in your work? The enterprise takes your project experience as a measure of your salary standard. Therefore, there will be some students who can get good grades in school and work done by enterprises.The money is not high, and some students generally get higher wages because of their academic achievements. The examination of professional knowledge is only that the enterprise understands your professional accomplishment and ability. In fact, sometimes the written test is a little worse, or you feel that when you write a test question, there are some questions that do not do or answer wrong.During the technical interview, the topic of answering professional knowledge is not ideal, nor does it play a decisive role. In short, the written and professional interview answers to 70% of the business requirements. Of course, if you are too poor in professional knowledge, the examiners will not have much interest in you. butThe key to deciding whether or not an enterprise is determined to hire you is your project experience. It doesn’t seem to be enough to talk so much about it, because it is important for us to get a clearer picture of how well we answer questions about project experience. And this is just rightThe students who just came out of the school are very weak, and they are also very few in this regard. Now let’s talk about the questions about the project experience and what aspects to answer from the interview.

Interviewing common problems (project aspects)

First, please introduce yourself briefly.

  Analysis: This is a topic in any interview. It seems to be a very simple problem, but it is often not known that the examiner asks the question what information you want to get from your answer! So it’s easy for us to walk away from the topic and get away from the topic. The examiner can not be attracted immediately. Please remember to catchLive every opportunity to sell yourself. But often we don’t know where to talk about. So we need to know what information the examiner wants to get.

  1、 How long have you been engaged in related work?

  2、 Have you received a good education in your educational background?

  3、 Do you have any working experience in your work experience?

  4、 Do you have rich project experience in your project experience?

  5、 How do you make a difference in the development of the project, what’s special about it, or what projects you have made, or where you feel proud of it?

  6、 What are the best skills you are good at?

  7、 What kind of personality do you have?

   How to answer: let’s analyze it one by one. First of all, we will generally answer your time for professional development of software projects. Don’t count the mess you’ve sold in the street before, or at night selling chicken. Work experience is also, at least you have been in a company. Don’t tell youI’ve only learned J2EE or. Net half a year, I want to come to my company to eat. To correspond with your resume.

  1、Employment time: generally at least 1 and a half years.

  2、Education background: if you go to a university and your major are more specific, say it out. In a word, it is necessary to develop and avoid shortcomings.

  3、Work experience: that is to say, when I was in a company before, I could agree with your resume. Just talk about working experience with software development, others do not mention it.

  4、Project experience: a very good project you’ve ever done. It’s very important here to summarize the project in one sentence, and then describe all the functions and subfunctions of the project.

  5、What’s unusual about you: also to say what different effects you get in a unique way in the project, mainly to be able to result in a specific project or to give an example.

  6、The best thing to do is to tell the other side which technology you are best at, which is requirement analysis, coding, or database or architecture.

  7、Your character: describe yourself in one or two words, describe your character.


  Answer the example:

       Interviewer: please introduce yourself briefly.

       Linghu Chong: Hello, at Linghu Chong. Engaged in the development of J2EE for 3 years. From 20002 to 2005, it was engaged in the development of J2EE project in Taohua Island software Valley Royal software company in Song Dynasty. In the meantime, the comprehensive management platform of the great song chivalrous people has been developed. The grand song chivalry comprehensive management platform can automatically collect the great song dynasty.All kinds of chivalrous heroes, heroes, seclusion of high ranking people, and tracking and managing their personal information and actions, so as to realize chivalrous information maintenance and inquiries. Chivalrous case maintenance, chivalrous grade management, chivalrous rewards and punishment management, chivalrous activities, disaster relief and donation management. I am in charge of the needs analysis in the project.Architecture design and framework class code implementation. Good at communicating with customers and fully understanding customer needs in project development. With strong self-learning ability, he has read a lot of software project development secrets in the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures Hall of the Song Dynasty, and has the ability to read and write Tibetan, India, and Jin.

  My understanding: I personally feel that the answers above tell us that we need to briefly introduce the 7 aspects mentioned above.

 Two. Talk about your XXX project.

  Analysis: the examiner knows your project by looking at your resume or your introduction. Then the examiner must want to know more about your project and see if the project experience is consistent with your resume. That is to assess whether you have real project experience. Generally speaking, there are at least one key item in your resume.List, put in the first place in the resume project experience bar. Describe the business function of the project clearly. Here you are talking about a project. Make a statement from the following aspects

  1、 Briefly describe the project in one sentence

  2、 Detailed list of the functions of the project implementation

  3、 Say the technology and structure of the project, and tell the unusual items, such as adopting a new technology, adopting a good frame, etc.

  4、 Can make people feel the scale of the project

  5、 Say your responsibilities in the project

  It proves that you have indeed developed this project, and the project is a real one. And you really have project experience. To meet the needs of the enterprise. Special attention should be paid to the more detailed description of the functions described in the project. Of course, the words should be concise and fluent. The second is to do the bestIt is possible to use professional terms to look your major. Don’t make a low error.

  Remember, you want to describe the whole project, not just the module you do. Some projects involve you only in one module, but you have to describe the whole project, not just describe the module you are participating in. State the technology and structure of your project, and explain your responsibilities in the project.Let.


  Answer the example:

       Interviewer: Linghu Chong, can you introduce the comprehensive management platform of the great song chivalrous warrior?

       Linghu Chong: Well, the comprehensive management platform for the chivalrous warrior of the great song dynasty was developed for the song song Wu Lin alliance to realize the automation of the Wulin alliance management. The comprehensive management platform of the grand song chivalrous people can automatically collect the chivalrous men, heroes, and the information of the high people in the Song Dynasty, and carry out the tracking and management of their personal information and actions to realize the knight errant.Information maintenance, inquiries. Chivalrous case maintenance, chivalrous grade management, chivalrous rewards and punishment management, chivalrous activities, disaster relief and donation management.

  The system is based on the three tier architecture of B/S, and adopts Spring + Hibernate + Spring MVC framework. Use the Oracle database.

  This project only invested 15 people, the development cycle is 6 months. In the project, I carried out previous needs analysis, system architecture implementation, database modeling, and some coding work.

Question three, how did you develop this project? (how do you do the project development?)

       Analysis: this question is to assess whether you are familiar with the process of software development, but also to assess your project experience, your professional quality, from which you can judge how many projects you have participated in, and can judge your understanding and familiarity with the software engineering. This problem is very critical. You need to prepare knowledge points.Software project life cycle, software project development model, object-oriented analysis and design, software quality assurance and so on.

       The lifecycle of a software project:

              project plan

              requirement analysis

              Design (outline design and detailed design)





       Project planning stage: visit customers and communicate with each other to get customers’ original needs. Investigate and analyze customer needs and market, and prepare feasibility analysis report. Through continuous communication with customers, customers can find different links to communicate with each other to obtain demand. Convene a review conference to report the feasibility pointsAnalyze and report users’ original needs and report project vision.

       Requirement analysis stage: communicate with customers on the basis of customer’s original demand, fully understand and deepen customer business, obtain full business needs, improve user needs and functional requirements, understand customer’s related constraints and obtain non functional requirements. Finally, the requirements specification is written, and the demand is met.Review meetings, customers determine demand, and sign a contract; write project plan instructions; write test plan; hold project start meeting. The project is officially started.

       Summary design stage: according to the requirement analysis manual, use case analysis to get sufficient and effective use cases. Compile interface prototype, compile coding specification and interface style specification, and design database specification. Use UML tools to draw use case diagrams and write effective use case specification documents. Divide the function module of the project. reviewUse case and use case specification document.

       Detailed design phase: according to the complete use case and demand analysis, obtain the relevant information required by the database, draw the database E-R diagram, and write the data design instructions. Database modeling. Detailed analysis, using UML tools to draw class diagrams, determine the sub functions of each function module, and extract the public of the project.Part of a public module. Determine the architectural foundation of the project. Identify the classes and class members and methods that need to be used. Identify some auxiliary classes and methods. For each use case, use UML tools to draw sequence diagrams. Write detailed design instructions, review detailed design instructions, and build the basic framework. Be appointedMake a list of tasks and assign tasks.

       Coding stage: coding in group form, writing unit test cases, and conducting unit tests for every class. Every function point and module should be tested by integration. Make sure that every function point and module is a product that can be seen and touched. Instead of waiting for the endOnly a unified debugging and collocation. Check and optimize code every day, that is, the so-called refactoring.

       Testing stage: system testing based on test plan and user acceptance test.

       Product release: deliver complete product and design documents. The product is distributed to the client’s computer to ensure the normal operation of the product. Customers sign in.

       Maintenance phase: provide technical support for customers, maintain and upgrade products accordingly.

Software common development model

       Waterfall model: the most classic process model is applicable to projects with clear demand and small scale.

       Fountain model: iteration, no gap characteristics, suitable for object-oriented software development process.

       Spiral model:

       MSFModel: the Microsoft solution process model

  XP programming: Extreme Programming is an implementation of agile software development. It emphasizes testing first, that is, writing test cases first when writing code; cycle iteration, each iteration is an available product; refactoring, optimizing the code; pair programming, twoPeople code together for one pair; it emphasizes knowledge dissemination among teams, enabling everyone of the team to be familiar with the various technologies of software development. For example: support those who are familiar with the database to do the interface, do the interface person to do the database, and enhance the ability of the team through irregular role conversion. Require customer participationIn software development, we develop products that are most suitable for customer needs.

   Unit testing is usually done synchronously at the time of coding, usually in a class, when a class completes the code and compiles the correct test, testing whether the class has been able to implement the specified function. The successful compilation of a class does not mean that the class has been completed.It is also necessary to set up an assertion by testing to determine whether he has achieved the desired effect and achieved a specific function. Debugging, compiling and passing the grammar that can only prove the code is not wrong.

Unit testing is carried out by the programmer himself or in the project team. Unit testing is a white box test

   Integration testing generally refers to the realization of a function point or a module, in order to test whether the module has realized the function of requirements. Integration tests may need to be assembled for multiple classes, and may also need to be assembled with the modules that have been tested before, which is the system integration and execution of product components. collectionThe test can be divided into different levels according to the size of the module. In current software development, every functional module must have an integrated test, so that the module you completed is a running product. Integration testing can usually be completed by the person in charge of the project team (or a designated team member).Yes. The integration test uses white box test and black box test

   System testing generally refers to the completion of code completion, and to the test team for testing. The system test personnel are independent of the development team. The system tester places the finished product in the corresponding computer environment and tests it according to the test plan to verify whether the system meets the specified requirements. systemIn addition to testing the product to meet the basic functional requirements, testing is also tested in several aspects of product performance, user interface, security, pressure, reliability, installation and reverse installation.

System test using black box test

   Acceptance testing generally refers to the delivery of products to the customer and the deployment of products in the designated computer environment. The overall test is performed by users according to the requirements document. The content of the acceptance test is the same as that of the system test, but the executor is different. Besides testing the basic functions of the system, it is also necessary for performance, safety, and availability.Test by sex and so on. The acceptance test is also a black box test

   Why do you need to test? Testing is the guarantee of software quality, only through strict testing software is qualified software, testing is not to allow software to be compiled and passed, testing is to maximize the software product to meet the customer’s needs.


  Answer the example:

  Examiner: Linghu Chong, can you talk about how you developed this project?

  Linghu Chong: first of all, our project has already had a basic user original demand. But this is not enough, we all know that the requirements analysis is very important, so on the basis of the user’s original requirements document, we have analyzed it again, through continuous communication with the customer, fully understand and familiarity with the user.Business, improve the business needs and functional requirements. The analysis of user’s business needs and functional requirements is perfect for realizing the non functional requirements of software. The project requirement specification is obtained and approved by the accreditation meeting.

   According to the requirements specification, use case analysis is carried out. Through analysis and discussion, sufficient effective use cases are found out and the use case diagram is drawn with Rose. Each use case is analyzed in detail, and the use case document of each use case is completed, and the interface prototype is written. Divide the project module. Finally, the use case and the use case specification documentCheck and verify. Write code compilation specification and interface style specification, database design specification, and outline design instructions.

   The basic information prototype of the database is obtained according to the requirements specification and analysis of each use case specification document. Also can be said to be the draft of the database table, according to the database table grass analysis, database design and optimization. Write the database design instructions. Using PowerDesigner for numberThe library is modeled and the SQL script is generated. Define project framework, design common module and auxiliary class. Based on the analysis of the database model and the use case specification document, we list the object list and clarify the object relationship. Use Rose to draw class diagrams. For each use case, the time sequence diagram is drawn with rose. Writing detailed designMing book. List the task list and write the code for the group.

   In the code preparation phase, all entity classes are unified. For non entity classes, we first complete the framework of the class, that is, write only the method and the annotation text. The implementation of the specific method is temporarily empty. And then fill in the code. Every completed class is compiled and tested after the code is compiled. Each completed oneAll functions and modules will be tested by the team leader. The finished module is a truly functional and visible function.

  After each group has completed its own module, module integration is carried out, and a large-scale integration test is carried out. The product is then delivered to the product testing team for system testing.

Question four, how do you ensure the quality of software development?

       Analysis: in fact, the above explanation has given the answer. Software quality is the satisfaction degree of software realization to requirements. The more developed software meets the needs of customers, the higher the quality of software. On the other hand, the lower the quality is. Although the software you developed uses new technology, good design and rich functions.But these functions are not required by customers, and the functions of customers need not be realized or many have not been realized. Such software is also a failed software. There are only two ways to ensure software quality, that is, to maximize the development of software to meet customer needs. One is to get full and complete needs, twoIt is capable of testing and writing test plans based on needs. To ensure that the software is in line with the needs.


  Answer the example:

       Examiner: how do you ensure the quality of the software?

       Linghu Chong: to ensure the quality of the software, we must first get a complete demand. In the phase of demand analysis, a lot of work has been done to communicate with the representative users of each part of the customer to fully understand and familiarize themselves with the customer’s business. And maintain communication and communication with users from requirement to design stage. A user’s business expertWe have been involved in our needs, analysis and design work.

  Secondly, we will compile the test plan after the requirement analysis, and carry out corresponding tests at every stage of the development to ensure that the code meets the corresponding requirements. In the code writing process, each complete class is tested by the program, and every function point or module should be integrated to test each integration.The test iterates over the last tested product, that is, the successful test will be added to the test. Each completed function and module is completed as a running, visible product; and the user is welcome to witness our integrated test results. generationThe final integration test is completed after the code is written, and then the independent test team is assigned to the system for testing the project.

 The five question, why did you leave? (why did you leave the previous company?)

  Analysis: this problem is almost available on any occasion, sometimes in a technical interview, sometimes in a personnel interview, and sometimes in a technical interview and a personnel interview. In fact, it is better to answer, and the answer is more abstract. Remember not to say bad words of the previous company, ifYou do it. People will think that you will also say bad things about the company after you leave. Generally speaking, for a better development space. It makes people feel that you have chosen their company after careful consideration.

  Answer the example:

       Examiner: Why did you leave the previous company?

       Linghu Chong: before, the company was very kind to me. I did a good job in my former company. Because of the expiration of my contract, I want to get a better development space and pursue an environment that I can continue to develop. The company also handled the resignation procedures and completed the work. (the following sentence can not be talked about)

  My idea: no matter how to answer this question, it must not give the interviewer a casual way of leaving your job, and the reason why you leave the job is also likely to happen to them. The reason for leaving is best not to involve a person (leader, colleague) or anything.For career planning reasons, there are discrepancies between the development of the company and its own planning. If the work is changed to the city, then directly consider the future of XXX, to come to this city development, how to talk about the advantages of the city.

 Six. Talk about your professional regulations

       Analysis: the enterprise hopes that the person he recruits is a potential stock, to see if you are a strong person, and you want to see if you can work for a long time in a business or just take it as a springboard. In general, answering this question makes people feel that you are a culturable and potential person. Remember to see what kind of person comes to faceTry you. If a project manager comes to interview you, you should not say that your future career planning is a project manager. You can say that your career planning is to be an architect or a technical expert. Otherwise, he may think you are a threat to him. Even if he knew it was nothing, he might have a mental association.A little discomfort. If the boss interviewed you or asked you questions like this, you could say that the project manager was fine, but you need to feel a sense of stability.

  Answer the example:

       Examiner: what are your professional regulations? (the examiner is the project manager)

       Linghu Chong: I am strong in thinking and good at logic analysis. In the previous work accumulated a certain framework of experience, later want to become an architect and technical experts.


  Written in the end: these questions are very common questions in interviews, which are rather hard to answer. Some seem simple but don’t know what to say. Some seem complex but not complex. Because many people are lack of project experience, the process of software development is relatively unfamiliar, and teachers’ knowledge on this aspect is also quite different.Less, if you do not have certain code and project accumulation, even if the teacher tells you, it is difficult for you to understand and understand. Besides, the content is too demanding for practical experience and accumulation of sun and moon. Now I use the combination of boring concepts and practical projects to sum up, thus forming such a skill of answering questions.And some of the technology combined with the actual analysis and summary. It is hoped that readers can quickly know and know why. It can improve the success rate of the interview. Of course, this is just a question answering skill. The key is to accumulate knowledge. There is a saying that “there is no accumulation of thousands of miles.To become a river. The completion of this article is also my own knowledge of a comb, I did not check and verify books. I want to describe the process and details of project development entirely in my own language. Because I am really a scholar, I really hope you can point out and point out my mistakes and mistakes.Teach, I shed tears on my tears. No matter technology or life, I am just on my way.

  I hope it will help you in the upcoming interview.

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