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Google driven configuration

The following is the correspondence between Google browser and chromedriver version, for reference:

ChromeDriver v2.39 (2018-05-30)———-Supports Chrome v66-68

ChromeDriver v2.38 (2018-04-17)———-Supports Chrome v65-67

ChromeDriver v2.37 (2018-03-16)———-Supports Chrome v64-66

ChromeDriver v2.36 (2018-03-02)———-Supports Chrome v63-65

ChromeDriver v2.35 (2018-01-10)———-Supports Chrome v62-64

chromedriverDownload address

The current Google driver only supports 32 bits and does not support 64 bits.

Build the selenium driven Google Chrome environment under python.

If Python and selenium are configured before configuring chrome, then only needs.

1.Paste chromedriver.exe files to C:\Python27 under Python path


2.Paste chromedriver.exe to file C:\Python27\Scripts path.


3.Using driver= webdriver.Chrome () in code can be opened in Chrome browser.


4.Open the scene as follows.


Link of this Article: Python installs chromedriver

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