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Please refer to the contents of the Restoring a Test Instance from Production page for more complete explanations.

Many Confluence administrators will use a production instance to run the full data and service Confluence server, and also set a test instance to test the upgrade, etc. In this case, your Confluence can run back to 2.Different versions are also very common. This document will know how you copy the data in the production environment into a test instance, while the version of the test environment and the version in the production environment may be different.

Before starting this operation guide, make sure you have read the contents of the normal step page of upgrading Confluence.

(warning) The information in this page can not be applied to Confluence Cloud.

determine the disconnection of production system connections.

Make sure that you do not connect to external systems, you need to disable receiving and sending mail services.

  1. You can globally disable sending mail services by running the following database query:
    SELECT * FROM BANDANA WHERE BANDANAKEY = 'atlassian.confluence.smtp.mail.accounts';
  2. Disable space level mail archiving by running the following database query:

Modify the above’SELECT * ”DELETE’, if you are sure you want to delete the confirmed account.

Once you have completed this operation, you can restart your test case and the test instance will not accept and send any mail. You need to carefully consider other plug-ins you may use in your system, which may be directly connected to your production server (such as SQL macros, etc.). When you restart the testAfter the example, these plug-ins should be disabled normally.

You can create a developer license for your test case and upload the license to the server after you launch Confluence.

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