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1.First acquaintance of Python

1.1pythonDevelopment in recent years

On the various web sites, we found that the development of Python has been very rapid in recent years, and has a trend to continue to grow. For a beginner, it does not actually have a little impact and begins to understand the internal dry goods.

If you want to understand the language ranking in recent years, you can go to the TIOBE charts. The URL is attached:

1.2Whether program speed is considered

pythonThe amount of code that I know at the moment is short and can make something, although the code amount is a lot less than C, but the speed of running is much slower. Because it is an interpretive language, all of which need to be continuously translated into machine codes that can be understood at runtime.The cost of the time becomes very big. But for beginners, I do not find anything, because the program that needs to be used in C or Python is not the difference, just like a computer boot, the boot needs 10s, a background program only needs 0.01s can start up, and the other one needs 0.01s to start, but for us, it’s not much faster. In the blink of an eye, the 2 programs are all opened, so there’s no need to consider the speed of the program at the moment! Do not have to consider the speed of operation! Do not have to consider the speed of operation! heavyThree times to say what you want!

1.3Code encapsulation

In addition, as an undergraduate in C++ class, it is found that Python can not be encapsulated!!! This is really big, which means that Python programs are destined to be open source projects once released, but not like C++, encapsulated into unaccessible libraries to be released.But what’s better for a beginner, the python program, once downloaded, is all the program, so that it can learn the complete code of others, making it more rapid, without having to think about what the big gods have written in the same way that C++ does not get access to the head.Big. Finally, a summary of the paragraph, this paragraph does not have any meaning, because the nod code that the beginner writes will care, so open source or not… You know.

2.Install Python

2.1Official network installation package

This is just a formal operation. You can see how to download it when you enter the official website.

Enclosed is the official website address: python3.6.5 download address:

Download the address below and choose your own system to download.

2.2text editor

At present, I know two reserves of knowledge.

The first is Sublime Text,The software needs to download plug-ins to make it into Chinese. Initial use for a few days, suspected no pop-up, may be activated code because of the reason, you can check the activation code on the Internet. But most of the Internet says that this is a charge, and it is actually free. If you pay the money, you can not play the window.There are other operations that need to be verified, because I haven’t met yet.

Software interface diagram:

The second is that Notepad++ is a free and Chinese version, but the individual is more like Sublime Text. It may be the reason that the interface makes me more like it.

Software interface diagram:


At present, I am using pycharm, because the users around are basically using this style, so they are downloaded for use. It is not known to other compilers. If there is a better discovery in the future, it will come back to repair the leak.

pycharmOnline word-of-mouth individual feel that it is still possible, for beginners, I think it is also more comfortable to use, at present, did not find any major problems. Want to download also can go directly to the official network search, this software is also divided into community and professional edition, download what the basic Baidu can find, according to the tutorial that isIt can be installed successfully. The professional edition can go directly to the network to find the activation code, if the lazy search can also choose the community version to use, the problem is not big, the difference is not involved at present, can not give an appropriate explanation. However, at present, the localization of the software requires downloading of Chinese packages, but for the sake of laziness,Do not want to go to the Sinicization of the basic operation to understand the odk, why go to the Sinicization of it, before there is a software Sinicization of the difference did not play dead themselves, many operations are only remembered in English operation, and find a half day to find how to operate.

Official website address is attached: download website, attached:

Interface screenshot:

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