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1. Help others. Here, you can use A help software abroad helps you get a profit by helping others. Why recommend this? Because the exchange rate is not the same, a foreign help is worth 5 dollars, but it is in the country.Inside, heh heh.

  1. Photo. Here, you can send your excellent photography to, and then someone can buy it, and you can earn US dollars.
  2. Professional knowledge. Here, for example, in line,, use your knowledge to help others and get benefits.
  3. Video. Here, you can send videos to foreign video sites, then click on others, and divide them into advertisements.
  4. Things. Joining affiliate marketing, this Taobao guest, Amazon has.
  5. Provide electronic books. Write your stuff into topics and books, then upload them to various e-book websites. Brief answer, Baidu author, starting point and so on.
  6. Provide courses. Join the curriculum platform, turn your knowledge into a curriculum, and you become an online teacher.
  7. Submission. Now, especially from the media, we need various types of manuscripts, so we can contribute articles to dozens of tens of thousands.
  8. Start your own business. Open the shop, the micro store, the media platform and so on.
  9. Finally, we must stick to our efforts and believe that there will be better waiting. In addition, efforts to earn foreign exchange, after all, the exchange rate is placed, oh, the world is very large, and also very exciting.
  10. How to have a better Idea, and welcome to share with me.

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