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For a week, the Maven environment was done.

Using the eclipse to develop the SSM framework, that is, to download the Maven and Spring plug-ins and import them into the eclipse, there is no detailed introduction to the import problem, and there is a question of Baidu or Google, which is too much too much.

mavenThe project has made a 404 mistake today, that is, the address is http://localhost:8080/ssm-crud/faces/index.jsp.

Error: in this address, there is a faces file.

Solution: delete faces and run successfully

Question: I really don’t understand how this faces came, and I will take the time to solve it.

Solution: get rid of the javaServer Faces hook.

Question: what does JavaServer faces do?

  Referred to as JSF, is a web framework, detailed information reference: (quoted from Oracle technology network)

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