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ZypperIt is the command line interface of OpenSUSE and enterprise package SUSE in Software Manager ZYpp. Mainly used in: 1. management software package: zypper can be used to install, delete, update and query local or remote packages. 2. management repository: zypper can be added to the command line,Delete, enable, or disable the library.

1. Installation package
Syntax: zypper install example: install Mozilla Firefox

zypper install MozillaFirefox


 2.Update package

Update a package: zypper update updates all packages: zypper update

View all available update list: zypper list-updates

3. Delete package

Syntax: zypper remove

4. Lookup package

Syntax: zypper search example: find all packages that start with GIT.

5. View the details of the package

Syntax: zypper info example: view the information of the curl

zypper info curl

6. Add libraries with zypper

Zypper addrepo, such as

zypper addrepo “” “11.4”

Executing this command will generate 11.4.repo files in the /etc/zypp/repos.d directory, as follows:

7. View Library

 Syntax: zypper LR, zypper repos

Look at the complete URI:zypper LR –uri of repo

8. Search packets in the library

 Syntax: zypper search –repo XXX

9. Library renaming

For example, the command of the library 11.4 is suse:zypper renamerepo 11.4 suse

10. Delete Library

Remove the library with the removerepo option

11. Refresh Library

 Syntax: zypper refresh XXX

12. Modify library information

Such as auto refresh library 11.4:zypper modifyrepo –refresh 11.4

For example, disable library 11.4:zypper modifyrepo –disable 11.4


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