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1. Input data
1.CANBus Description: location, color, speed, bus type
1)Location: roof module 2) color: Brown (high), brown 3) rate: 500K 4) bus type: HSCAN 5) test time: 2016.11.16

2.Vehicle characteristics
1)Displacement: 1.8L 2) configuration: without one button to start 3) transmission: Manual 4) whether the remote control has response under ON: entering the remote control startup without reaction 5) has the engine burglar anti-theft 6) if there is no security alarm: no

It can realize the function of turning lamp and rising window.
X3It’s the same as the 5 system, but the power line is not connected to the police.

1Like X1, there is no alarm, and the power cord needs wiring.

3.The door side data, OFF opens the door to activate the CAN data
image_thumb2 The door is closed
image_thumb1112 Open door open
image_thumb42 Left behind open
image_thumb32 Right back open
image_thumb22 Right front open
image_thumb52 Trunk

clip_image00732Back-up closet

image_thumb11111 The button of the trunk is loosened

image_thumb211 Press the trunk button to press

4.Brake data

clip_image01032Brake lift

clip_image01132The brakes just stepped down

clip_image01232Tread on the brakes

No brake force data

5.engine speed
clip_image01332Linear rotational speed =0.25


clip_image01532Just ON closed
clip_image01632ONData on electricity, data on the throttle
Notice whether the data is normal when you hit the D file.

clip_image01732Just wake up
onFiling time
Start the success
Being started
6.The data on the speed of the hour should be noted that the data in the ON files will be instantaneous. Some of the models will be turned into on files instantly and become 0XFF.

image_thumb81 20KM

image_thumb911    1/64

7.The key action is the best data in a ID, if the data is not in a ID, consider ON and boot in a ID.


image ON

5There is no special on file, only start state.

image OFF

image st

?ACcCan the gear be locked? Whether a key can work without a key.

If on is not found, the data under ACC data will be updated in on, and on will be closed and stopped updating, which can be used as on reference data.
8.Remotely recognize the data coming out of the original vehicle remote controller. The data change corresponds to the relevant unlock or lock.
clip_image02932Remote control lock
clip_image03032Remote-controlled unlocking

image_thumb11111[1] The remote control backup box is pressed,

clip_image03132No action

image_thumb111111 No action

image_thumb211111 Lock and press in the car

image_thumb31111 The inside of the car is locked and pressed.

Note: when the car is locked, the key is unlocked.

The actions mentioned above are also valid under on

clip_image03232Enter the relock state

clip_image03432,If the key is in the car, enter 82 (not heavy lock), the key is outside the car, the lock will be 84, (heavy lock).

clip_image03532Lock state, but not relock

clip_image03632Unlocking state

image_thumb3 The state of the trunk affects the state of the lock.

9.The status of the lock is identified. The lock is locked after the lock is changed. At the same time, pay attention to whether there is any change in the on and the door being opened.
Lock open lock
Lock in car
Hit ON after the lock
The main door opened after the lock
9a. This data indicates whether the vehicle is in the state of burglary.


10.The clutch signal is only manual. The vehicle requires this data.
Lift up
Step down
11.Light data light data to be updated under the OFF, and can be activated when the CAN bus stop, the original car remote control can turn off the light, but we can not turn off the light in the case of the need to use.

clip_image04132Light off

clip_image04232Light lamp

clip_image04332The headlamps

12.File position (usually not)
clip_image04632  N
clip_image04732  D

clip_image04832M +

13.Handbrake signal (usually not)
image Hand brake
image Hand brake down

14.Current testing and other conditions

15.Speed detection of wiper

clip_image05132Manual high speed

clip_image05232Manual low speed

clip_image05332Automatic transmission

clip_image05432Scrape a file


16.Steering wheel angle detection

17.Position detection in front and rear seat of main driving seat


19.State detection of start and stop system

The car has no start and stop function

Shutdown and shutdown

Open and stop open

20.Glass position

clip_image07032To the top

clip_image07132In the end, 3B6 is the main gate

clip_image07232The skylight is closed

clip_image07332Open maximum

clip_image07432Rise up

image   All open

image   Shut down

image_thumb1111111 The shade is closed.

image The sunshade curtain is completely open


image 1:1 18km

22Rearview mirror position

Two. Output data

1.The output of the window (including skylight) is to see if on power is needed. The X5 2 system is unable to control the 4 door glass, but the skylight can be controlled.

clip_image082324 doors, rearview mirrors and skylights

clip_image08332Only lift the skylight, when the skylight is raised

clip_image08432Lift window without folding the rearview mirror (folding of rearview mirror).

ONIt is also effective.
clip_image08532  2.Down window output, card

Switch lock, when output, turn signal, horn do not move.

clip_image089326.Turn off the alarm and open the rearview mirror
7.OFFTwo minutes after locking, is it possible to unlock when entering the security state?

clip_image090328.Trunk output

5The output of the trunk is about 2.3 seconds after the key detection starts or 1.5 seconds after the remote control unlock data is sent.
clip_image091329.Door side output
10.Steering light output (on the left, right)

Emergency lights on, the last data entry, the same is true under on.

Close, when the emergency light is opened, it will cover the left and right turn


Right-hand turn

clip_image09532Turn left to light

image_thumb12 Right turn light

1f6The data will not turn on (outside).


clip_image09732Left turn output 3 times

clip_image09832Left turn always output

clip_image09932Right turn output 3 times

clip_image10032Right turn all the way out

clip_image10132Turn off

1eeIt automatically closes when turning back to the middle.

11.Horn output

clip_image10232FDOutput, FC closed, X4 horn output invalid

12.Rearview mirror folding

With the burglar relief and the rising window

13.Right rearview mirror

Rearview mirror cannot be controlled

15.Front radar switch output

See radar status data

16.Switch output of start and stop system

clip_image1033217.Close CD

clip_image1043218.Fog light point, shut down automatically

clip_image1053219.Alarm operation, even in on, can be operated. Closing the alarm can also turn off the original car alarm.

Apart from the alarm, the skylight, the radar,

Others such as switch lock, lift 4 doors, horn switch off CD output can not.

Three, OBD high speed can data

image After somatic sleep

image OFF

image Start and on,

image CDClose

image_thumb111 horn

Four, KCAN4 data

kcan4The speed is 500K, through which the switch lock can be output and the burglar proof can be lifted.

image_thumb1111111[1] Lock up to 10 FF to 08 FF

Open the lock once, only open the main door, two times in a row to open 4 doors.

Unlocking can relieve the car’s burglar alarm.

The bus switch lock does not have the output of the steering lamp or the anti theft indicator lamp.

Five, LIN data

After the lifting window is completed, the following actions will be performed. From the node, 06 data will be returned, and no action will be taken.



Six, kcan-7 500K

The grey red is high, and it can’t wake up after the remote control is locked

image The key will be detected in the following ID

Seven. Key detection

290After the alarm can not distinguish between the key and not.

image Detects the key in the state of theft

image After a while, it turns into 22

image The key is not detected in the distance.

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