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Jump to ZuoYe3’s tzYeM: direct ZuoYe3.html#tzYeM (page.Html# position ID) is OK!

Icon of page tag: only files with suffix ICO can be placed.

Format: < link rel= “shortcut icon” href= “file relative path” >


At present, we have learned two sets of combination Tags: (UL ol Li) (table tr td/th).




Width:Width, 100% width, is the width of the parent label, and the default value is content.

Cellpadding:The distance, the distance between the content and the border!

Cellspacing:Distance, the distance between a cell and a cell!


TrAnd the attributes of TD



Align(It can only be added to tr!)


Agree to set the height of tr: CSS set the height value of #tr directly.


Other labels

Th:The label set up in the same level as TD (written in TR) allows multiple times, and the default is bold and centered!!!


Caption:The title tag at the same level with tr will only appear once!


Thead:Head area

Tbody:Body area

Tfoot:Tailed area


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