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Using the latest vue-cli mobile terminal UC browser and QQ browser blank, other browsers normal, the previous scaffolding normal, is estimated to be the problem of babel-preset-env, in the.Banelrc configuration of targets found nothing effect,Do you have the same situation? Seek help

Answer 0:… webpack-dev-serverBug

Answer 1:

If the page is normal in chrome and other browsers, in the IE, the mobile end, and so on, the problem is first ruled out by some code bug, which is usually seen in the console, not to mention. After eliminating the problem of code, the following aspects can be considered:

  • The first step must be to see if there is a mistake. First of all, IE will be reportedscript100XThis error is usually caused by incompatibility of some (JS advanced) syntax in IE (mobile version low version kernel browser), but usually there arebabel-polyfillThe plug-in can be solved.
  • The second step is to see if vuex is the problem, which will be clearly reported in IE.babel-polyfillSolve.
  • The third step is not to think about itfetchResulting,fetchIt’s incompatible with the IE whole series, looking at fetch compatibility, and you can see that at the start of chrome40, it’s compatible, but it’s not wrong to remember that the QQ browser is 37, so you need a fetch patch, such as this: fetch-polyfill.
  • If not, then remote debugging can be considered. You need the Tencent’s TBS, or chrome directlyinspect(First use requires scientific Internet access. Mobile phones connect to computers and,Then explore for yourself. Some (Android) mobile terminal compatibility problems can be solved in this way.

Finally, if there is no solution, there is nothing I can do. Ask the teacher to give it a hand. And most of them areCode problemAs a result.

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