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  In the development of single chip computer project, the upper computer is also a very important part, mainly used for data display (waveform, temperature, etc.), user control (LED, relay and so on). The two ways of data communication between the lower computer (MCU) and the upper computer are all based on the data communication.serial portTo:

  • USBSerial Ports – the upper and lower computers are connected directly through USB to connect the serial ports.
  • Serial port to WIFI (ESP8266) – the upper and lower computers transmit data over WIFI based on TCP/IP protocol.
  • Serial port to Bluetooth (HC-06) – not much use, will not be introduced.

  The software development of host computer includes the following two kinds:

  1、WindowsUpper computer (EXE executable program)

     On Windows, the first VB language is developed, and later, because of the development of C++, MFC is developed. In recent years, Microsoft has published an object-oriented language C# based on.NET framework, which is more stable and secure, and then develops with the powerful VS of Microsoft.

    In addition, if you want to run across the platform on Linux, you can choose Qt. If you want to have richer and better data display interface, you can choose Labview development.

  2、AndroidUpper computer (APP)

    On the Android operating system, the Java language is mainly used, the data is transmitted by using WIFI or Bluetooth Based on TCP/IP protocol, and is developed by Android Studio.

  Here, weThis paper mainly introduces how to develop a PC through VS + C#.,The development of other upper computer is temporary.


 Note: VS download and installRefer to this more detailed blog


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