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This is the last part of the series of articles on coupons design guide, data system.

《Design Guide for coupons (1): the overall framework of coupons design
《Guide for coupons “(two): coupon system
《A guide to the design of coupons (three): an activity system
《Design Guide for coupons (four): data system text

1. Data

The role of data will not be repeated in this article. Let’s talk about data related to coupons.

Data system is mainly for activities, coupons issued, statistics, so as to see the effect of activities.

The main monitoring data are: odd number, activity number and coupon number.

data system

And the sharing rate, the receiving rate, the utilization rate and the pulling rate can be calculated.

Sharing rate = activity number / lower singular * 100%;
Receiving rate = coupon number / activity number * number of activities per activity * 100% the number of participants per activity indicates the number of users allowed per activity.
Rate of use = number of coupons / (coupon number – coupon refund number) if coupons can be voucher, the number of coupons will generally be removed, or do not be shaving, mainly to see the business needs;
The number of new users marked by the new number = the user who has received coupons.

The data system is divided into three parts: activity data, coupon payment and graphics.

Activity data

The activity data is only the data situation of the generated activity. Through the view, it can see the sharing situation of the activity, the receipt of the activity, and the data view of the activity dimension.

Activity data

Coupon issuance

Coupon issuance is the data viewing of the coupon dimension, including the receipt, usage and usage records of the coupons.

Coupon issuance


Graphics is a systematic way to display data in the form of charts, and can conveniently and quickly view the trend of data.


Two. Summary

The data has very strong business association and operational requirements, so it is only the product scheme of the data part, for reference only, specifically designed and displayed in the need of the final business.

Three, prototype view

To view the product prototype of the complete coupons design guide series, you can visit:

Link: project description
Password: pmupday

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