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This is the third part of the design guide for coupons, an activity system chapter, and a click on the two “design guide for coupons”: the overall framework for coupon design, the design guide of coupons (two): the coupon system.

1. Framework

In the first article “the design guide of coupons (1): the overall framework of coupon design”, it has been described, the activity system includes: coupons, personalization, three parts of the validity period.

The three part of the activity system

The following three parts are described respectively. Mainly coupons, personalization, validity period will be placed in the activities to carry on the narration.

1.1 Coupon

Since it is the interaction of coupons, the natural core is the coupon. In the last article, the coupon system has been told and the coupon has been created by default. The next job is to link the coupon with the activity to configure the activities and the activities issued.Coupon。

New coupons

Of course, when creating an activity, it can be added and added, but it can not be modified at the time of editing.

1.2 Individualization

Activity personalization includes basic settings, sharing settings, and page settings.

1.2.1 Basic setting

The basic setup includes activity name, activity link (taking account of factors related to partners, support for customization of links), validity period and activity status.

Base setting – create

However, when editing, the activity link can not be modified, and the activity name, validity period and activity state can be adjusted.

Base settings – Edit

1.2.2 Sharing settings

Sharing settings, mainly on the setting of the page’s TDK (page title, page description, keyword), or if you need to support WeChat sharing, include the sharing of titles (and page titles), sharing icons, and sharing descriptions (page descriptions).

Sharing settings

At the time of editing, other supporting options can not be modified by WeChat, but others can be modified.

1.2.3 Page design

This is mainly to set up the pages of the activity, mainly based on the selected activity template, and there are many third party tools or others that can be configured in a visual way. This is just a part of an active page: activity Banner.Take the picture of bullet layer, activity picture (configurable parameters, click to pop up bomb collection layer), success page Banner, success page button.

Page design

1.3 Summary

If you add coupons and personalization settings to a page, they will be combined into an active setup page.

Activity pages can be added, detailed view, edit and modify functions.

1.4 list

After clicking into the activity settings, the active list information that has been added is displayed.

You can query through activity name, activity ID, activity status.

Activity screening

It will also show the list of activities ID, activity name, coupon name, validity period, creation time and status.

Activity list

Activity ID, activity name is clickable, activity ID can click to enter the details of the activity. The activity name will be opened in a new way, and the activity link can be previewed.

Two. The logic of issuing coupons

In addition to the configuration activity page and the activity associated coupons in the active system, the active system has an important logic, which is dead to receive the voucher logic.

The receipt logic is based on the coupon logic of a coupon. There are different types of coupons in an activity (as far as possible to ensure consistency), so the receipt logic based on activity and coupons will be divided into three types: fixed amount, floating amount, floating amount – a certain maximum (hungry, current sale at the US group)Mode adopted)

2.1 Fixed amount

The fixed amount voucher model is relatively simple and belongs to the basic logic.

Fixed amount logic

2.2 Floating amount

Floating amount is increased in comparison with fixed amount, and a process of obtaining preferential amount is added. Based on the post – claim residual amount, the integer is extracted as the amount of the coupon before the maximum value of the coupon set to the minimum value, which is similar to the WeChat’s red packet.

Floating amount logic

2.3 Floating amount – one of the largest

The coupon logic, when the activity is generated, will randomly determine the maximum amount received in a certain order. If then, if, if not, in the coupon setting, the minimum to median value is set in the coupon setting.Value between each other.

Floating amount – one of the biggest logic

Three. The product prototype scheme

In the last coupons Design Guide (two): coupon system, it simply drew some new views of some rules.

Link: project description
Password: pmupday

Click to view the product prototype of the voucher system and activity system. The subsequent release system and data system will also be updated inside, and can be collected for viewing. Of course, since the scheme is only for product prototyping, it has not been able to assess the feasibility and fit the business with the technology.The project is not recommended to directly evaluate the technology as a product prototype. According to my estimate, the workload of the whole set is still relatively large.

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