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Since the new version of the appium desktop version is not with the appium-doctor package, another installation is needed if you want to check the environment with appium-desktop. At the time of installation, a pits is met.
False information: SyntaxError: Unexpected token…

Facing the problem environment: 10
2.nodejs v4.4.7

Solve the problem solution: upgrade nodejs v10.2.0


1.Since the new version of appium, appium desktop, can’t find this directory: \Appium\node_modules.bin, the new version does not have the appium-doctor functionality, so appium-do is installed with NPMCtor

2.However, after entering appium-doctor, there was a mistake: SyntaxError: Unexpected token…

download the latest version of nodejs

1.The main reason for the error is that the nodejs version is too low. First go to the official website to download the latest version of nodejs, download the official website, and click here.

2.When you install it, note the check and add it to the environment variable path, so that you don’t need to configure the environment variables.

3.After the installation, enter node -v to view the version number

node -v

npm to install appium-doctor

1.npmIt is a management tool for installing third party packages inside nodejs, similar to the PIP in Python. The installation method has many similarities with PIP syntax.

2.Using NPM to install appium-doctor, -g represents global installation.

3.Enter appium-doctor to check the environment

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