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With regard to the configuration of SS server, you can refer to a web site

The purchase of the server can be purchased on VIRMACH

Similar to the local installation of SS, first install SS, PIP install shadowsocks

Configure the server parameters, VIM /etc/shadowsocks.json

Maybe this file is not, and it needs to be created by yourself

Input under the file

    "server":"my_server_ip",          //The IP address of the server"Server_port": 7711, / / server port"Local_address": "", / / native IP address"Local_port": 1080, / / native port"Password": "mypassword", / / the password set by oneself."TImeout: ": 300, / / / out of time"Method": "aes-256-cfb", / / encryption method, recommend the use of "aes-256-cfb"."Fast_open": false //true or false}}

What about firewall is not configured, after all, only 1 months in a month.

Direct operation

nohup ssserver -c /etc/shadowsocks.json > /dev/null 2>&1 &

You can run on the server side

The local configuration server can access IP, port numbers, passwords and encryption methods.


Link of this Article: SS server end configuration

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