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For example, a registration interface that requires the number of mobile phones to be filled and can not be duplicated in DB.

If the cell phone number is repeated, the registration fails and no member data will be added.

If not repeated, the registration is successful, ignoring other factors.


But with 20 concurrence, how can we register together, how can one succeed and the remaining 19 fail?

Please do not reply to think time and so on. This question is how to query the schema or how to register data into DB.

Before I met case, 20 requests were successful at the same time. DB added 20 mobile numbers to the same data.

At the time of enquiry, there was no mobile phone number in DB, but at the same time of registration,

How to solve the problem of consistency?


Do not tell me that the mobile field is bigint data type, and can not be repeatedly restricted. Deal with is in DB ~ ~

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