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Download several jar packages and import them to Jmeter, corresponding to directory /lib/ext folder. Note that only Jmeter3.2 (excluding) versions are supported.

Restart Jmeter.


Then select ja@pc in Listner — and so on.

New test sampler is used, and two listeners, jp@gc – PerfMon Metrics Collector and jp@gc – Transactions per Second, are selected in the listener, ServerAgent silent.It can be modified to 4444 ports, such as./ – udp-port 0 – tcp-port 3450.


I am generally used to being in the SQLserver database.

Add DB status to your newly built DB_Status_log table by query.

If it is a performance test, frequently called, you can format the time with getdate (), then you want to go to the unit, such as 2S, and insert the while loop into the table.

After that, you can look at DB_Status_log to find DB to the bottleneck.


In the past, I never thought of a Linux server, if it is a 4 core, how to see the utilization rate of each core concretely.

The first reaction is that Linux server is a two-way road. Why does it only take one lane from the 4 lane to the road? Are there 3 lanes flooded by water?

The bottleneck of performance testing, all the problems are IO,

Leaders will always promise you that 8G is not enough memory to use 16G, and the 4 core is not enough to use 8 cores.

The data is like a car. It usually doesn’t stop on the road. The area is limited, the server resources can be unlimited, and a two three – to – cluster.

The parking lot is DB, parking is in storage, leaving the car is out of the library, parking space is a form, frequent access will be a problem.

The parking lot is complex, just like every table is built to build up the relationship, and it is also surrounded by all kinds of links.

You don’t see the parking lot always so slow.




The age of one, and sometimes can not control their own mood, angry, now think of what it is, do the two days to see what is not cool, see who want to quarrel.

I am really sorry for my family when I am out in the air and let go home.


There is no end to learning

Learn to record, for example, I forgot JMeter to record HTTPS requests, use Jmeter problems on MAC, and so on, and just want to keep in mind that if you don’t write the tool, you either look for time to see the source code, or remember to record it.


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