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In the last few days to learn the spring framework, in the process of setting up a lot of problems in the process of setting up the environment, a lot of information on the Internet is not very good, so re – record.

Get ready:

1.EclipseDownload, enter the official network, here directly to the link here there are many versions, we choose the JavaEE developer version.

2. Spring IDE Download (also called Spring Tool Suite referred to as STS), enter the official website, link directly to

A lot of information on the Internet says there are two kinds of proposals. It is suggested that one option be directly selected, and plan two will update the turtle speed online, and download the file of scheme 1.
3. Spring frameworkDownload, this framework has changed greatly after updating, many online programs are not advisable. Shangguan website

The current stable version is 4.3.4. The framework needed to download is introduced in the document description.

Follow the link point and pull down as follows

Links are also directly entered into

Don’t be silly if you go in. I don’t know what to do. Look at the instructions in the picture above, download file.

As shown in the following figure


OK, here are the three main parts you need to download, as shown below.

Unzip, then we start configuring the environment

Open the eclipse.exe from the decompressed eclipse file, after boot.

help->Intall new software->Add->LocalImporting the springsource-tool-suite decompression path will automatically find the associated IDE, as shown in the following figure.

All the time, next, I accept, wait for configuration. The configuration will be restarted when the configuration is completed.

The last step is to configure framework,

First, create a new Java project, then new a Folder, named lib, and then copy the beans context core expresion.jar in the LIBS file under the spring-framework file to the newIn the article built, as shown in the following figure.

As you can see from the diagram, you also need a commens-logging file, in the previous figure, the importance of the log (arrowhead pointed out), which needs to be downloaded individually, directly to give the link to the

After copying five jar files from the Lib file, the right-click path can be completed.

At this point all configuration has been completed

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