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C#How many versions are there? What is the difference between the C# and the.Net versions? C# and.Net version?

C#1.0 1.1–>VS2003–>.NET 1.0 1.1–>Attribute
C#2.0–>VS2005–>.NET 2.0–> Anonymous delegate generic yield partial class operator overloading static class
c#3.0–>VS2008–>.NET 3.5–>linqExpression set initializer, object initializer extension method, subdivision method, Lambda expression, automatic attribute, VAR anonymous class
C#4.0–>VS2010–>.NET 4.0:Support for dynamic type covariant / inverse improved Lambda expression default parameters
C#5.0–>VS2012–>.NET4.5: The invocation of asynchronous methods is added without explicit registration of the delegate callbacks. New support for Windows Runtime (WinRT) interoperability is added to the framework.
C#6.0–>VS2015–>.NET 4.6 Automatic attribute initialization / String embedding value / import static class (Using Static) / null operator / object initializer

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