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1.Environmental preparation

(1)Operating system: CentOS6.5

(2)Install JDK and configure environment variables, reference:

(3)Install Tomcat

(4)Download Dubbo package, download address:

(5)Install the Maven environment

(6)dubboThe registration center is installed, for example, zookeeper, single node installation reference:, cluster mode reference:

2.Decompress the and enter the file after decompression to see the following contents


3.It is recommended to compile and install directly under the current path, on the one hand, in the subsequent development, the Maven central warehouse is a jar package without a dubbo2.8.4 version, and the dubbo-admin.war package we need to use by the way.

The current window executes: MVN clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true, which needs to skip the test, otherwise the compilation will not succeed.

Complete installation

4.Entering dubbox-dubbox-2.8.4\dubbo-admin\target will see the generated dubbo-admin-2.8.4.war package.

5.The generated war package is placed under the Tomcat webapps and decompressed to the dubbo-admin directory.

unzip -o dubbo-admin-2.8.4.war -d ./dubbo-admin

6.Modify Dubbo configuration file dubbo-admin/WEB-INF/

dubbo.registry.address:The address of the registry is shown in the cluster configuration.

dubbo.admin.root.password:rootUser password

dubbo.admin.guest.password:guestUser password

7.Start Tomcat

cd tomcat/bin


8.View the startup log

tail -f ../logs/catalina.out

Finish up

9.Visit: ip:port/dubbo-admin

Username: root password: root

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