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Our team (the sixth group) is the express delivery platform. The division of labor has been done earlier this month, and I am responsible for the front-end development of the project. This month, to be honest, I am very busy, with more homework, laboratory work, TOEFL and visa problems.Business work. Next, there should be a little more time for project development, but it really takes a lot of time, and it may still be summer vacation.


From the team level, we had a temporary stagnation earlier this month, because we were really busy, and later, with the teacher’s urge, and hand in hand, we had a lot of team meetings, many times the liver code and the blog, and now the situation is big.The family has moved up, and the progress has been quicker recently. The front end has made several pages at present, and several of us have not done very detailed division of labor.


In addition to learning a lot of new knowledge in the field of technology, the teachers’ theoretical knowledge has also been rewarded. Some team work tips, such as performance appraisal, burn out chart, is the first contact, deeply aware of the sense of normality and effectiveness. In addition, the teacher specially assigned us an art designer, believing in us.App will do more beautifully.

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