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This is a high story. The reason why he did this was because he gave his article the title of “walking on his own way”, and I knew this man must be a person who knew how to exclude interference and keep himself. Because on the long road of life, we should always stick to our interests.Guidance, really is not an easy thing. So I began to study his story with his brush strokes.


In reading, I realize that the high job is the geographic information system, the IT atmosphere is not strong, but as an interdisciplinary field, the geographical information really needs IT talent, and introduces some of the latest IT technology. So he actively consulted professionals in relevant disciplines and fields. I know how to solve the problemThe process is not always smooth sailing. As the saying goes, sometimes it is necessary to reply repeatedly to get a satisfactory answer. This process enables people to learn how to solve problems independently and how to communicate effectively with others. What I admire is that he appreciates that there are always people in search engines.Sharing problem solving ideas, so decided to become a share. It is such an idea that he launched a technology blog, set up blog site, contributed to the programmer magazine, and became a part-time editor. Reading here, I have to sigh that the author is a big bull. After all, think of if it’s a self.He has been thankful that he has finished his work, but he can use his spare energy to make technical writing so professional. He also participated in a lot of open source community activities, which is really generous to help the vast number of IT workers.


Finally, he sincerely gave the readers the best support for the optimism and strength of the two steps on the technical road. I think I also need to experience the help that these two words can bring to me on my own road.


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