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During the short conversation, Miss Yang, a friend of the ball, listened to his story and was inspired by it.


  Professor Yang has more than forty, and his gray hair is full of essence. Self confidence and humility are also resolute. He has a deep personality charm, which is really admirable. I told Mr. Yang that I could live in his life and be satisfied.

  Yang, who was a graduate student, was disappointed. Attend a job to teach high school politics. During the sixth years of teaching, I did not leave the study and work for the first time. After preparing for three years of sufficient preparation, I hit the target. Read the graduate, read the doctor, leave the school to teach. His signature is “reading enriches and sports happiness”. In his eyesNo secular disputes can be seen, and many floating rules of social life have been removed to live true. His life seemed to have only two things, reading and sports. Look attractive。

  From the first half of his life, he had experienced despair, difficulties, setbacks and regrets, but none of them had beaten him, but he had made his goal clearer. We always want to have a God’s perspective to see how long it is and how much joy we have. Actually, there is no such perspective to show us many things.It’s all a posteriori. So the result is not that important. Although the outcome will determine our ultimate success, the process of pursuing self perfection is what we need to focus on and control. It doesn’t make any sense to pay attention to the result.


  The result itself does not make any sense. The process of pursuing the results, the twists and turns, and how we look at these twists and turns are the values of life.。The result of life must be death, and the process leading to death is the process of understanding and the process of seeing through all things in the world. We understand the insignificance and limitations of ourselves, understand the greatness and magic of nature, accept our own shortcomings and defects, and pay our own control to pursue a more complete personality.It is the meaning of life, the meaning of living. To live is to seek and to experience. It is our life that we experience time passing by, or passing through the blink of an eye, blinking away or being bored. What is life? It’s time. To find out the unknown, to open up the field of vision, to understand the difference. Full of character and self – acceptance.In order to truly do not feel happy and not to be sad.

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