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Files under the directory


Connect with the PLSQL developer client software

You need to configure it:

That is, configuring the client of the Dos

Then copy the server-side files to your machine.

And set the TNS_ADMIN environment variable to this directory (not a Chinese blank symbol, etc.).

So the landing is successful

Solving the problem of Chinese chaotic code


Modify the Scott user password

alter user scott identified by tiger

–Fuzzy query turn up
select * from emp where ename like upper(‘s%’)
— Inquiries for the employees of the 1981 entry
–Method 1
select * from emp where to_char
(hiredate,’yyyy-mm-dd’) between ‘1981-01-01’ and ‘1981-12-31’
–Method two
select * from emp where hiredate
between to_date(‘1981-01-01′,’yyyy-mm-dd’) and to_date(‘1981-12-31′,’yyyy-mm-dd’)


–Sort empty in front empty after
select * from emp order by comm nulls first
select * from emp order by comm desc nulls last
–Intercept a number or date
select trunc(2.66) from dual
select trunc(2.66,1) from dual
select replace(‘abcdef’,’abc’,’okokok’) from dual


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