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vmware Set up


Creating a virtual machine

 Configuration type (custom)


 Virtual machine version


Select how to install an operating system


 Select the type of operating system


 Virtual machine naming and installation location


 Setting up CPU


Setting up memory


Select network type


 Select disk type



create disk




 Create a virtual machine to complete


 Add system image in virtual machine





Install CentOS system

Problems encountered in installing virtual machines


 Opening virtualization








Start the installation system


CentOSThe way of guidance

interpretative statement

install or upgrade an existing system

New installation or

install system with basic video driver

Install a system with a basic video driver

Rescue from local drive

Start the rescue mode

Boot from local drive

Starting with a local hard disk

Memory test

Memory test


 Prompt the installation of optical disk media to detect (selection)SkipSkip)




Tip: in the process of installing CentOS system, F12 is Next.


Select the language in the installation process


 Select the keyboard


 Select the basic storage device



Setting the host name


 configure network






Time Zone Selection


 Setting the root password



 Custom disk partition


First partition


Second partitions


 Third partitions


Formatted disk




 Select the installation package group (minimize installation)




setup script


 Install complete reboot



Install the system supplemental installation package

yum groupinstall “Base” “Compatibility libraries” “Debugging Tools” “Development tools”


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