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2008In November, the bitcoin white paper was released. In January 13, 2009, the creation block of bitcoin was dug up, and the bitcoin block chain was run up. Nakamoto So, the inventor of bitcoin, though an anonymous figure, has been influential in the code geek circle. It can be said that bitcoin is extremelyThe creation of a guest.

In the course of the development of bitcoin, May 22, 2010 is a memorable day. This day, an American programmer Lassler Haunets (Laszlo Hanyecz) reported that he bought two pizzas at the price of 10000 bitcoins. The transactionThe point is that bitcoin is no longer just a geek’s toy, it’s the first time in the real world to get the price — 5000 bitcoins / pizza. Therefore, this day has become bitcoin lovers’ “bitcoin pizza Festival”. At present prices, these two pizzas are no doubt expensive [4]. laterLassler Haunets was interviewed. He smiled and said, pizza tastes good, but it’s a little expensive.

 Since then, as bitcoin participates in the expansion of the population, the improvement of the related infrastructure and the enrichment of the application scene, the price of bitcoin has risen in volatility, and there have been a few surges and tumbling during the period. In July 2010, the bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox was set up, which later played a role in the price fluctuation of bitcoin.Important role.

2011In the first half of the year, the price of bitcoin rose from 30 cents to $30, and received the attention of the Time and Forbes, which marks the beginning of bitcoin to attract the attention of the mainstream media. Then it was a half year bear market, and by the beginning of 2012, the price of bitcoin was less than $two.

2012In November 28th of the year, the production of bitcoin was first halved. In February 2013, Reddit, a famous social news website, accepted bitcoin payment and became the first website in the world to accept bitcoin payment. In terms of the circulation of bitcoin in the Internet world, this matter has epoch-making significance..

2013In March, a member of the European Union, Cyprus, suffered a banking crisis and began to impose a deposit tax on the holders of bank deposits. As a result, the centralization of bitcoin has been popular, and its price has risen from $65 to $266 in 3 weeks. The world began to face the issue of currency value of bitcoin. After comparisonThe price of the special coin was reduced to 50 dollars. With the progress of government regulation, [5] and media constantly reported that the price of bitcoin reached a historical high of US $1200 at the end of 2013. Subsequently, five ministries and commissions such as the people’s Bank of China jointly issued the notice on guarding against bitcoin risk, bitcoin price.In the aftershock, the price of bitcoin fell to less than $200, with a price of about $460 (May 2016), with the collapse of the world’s largest Mt.Gox, the largest bitcoin exchange.

Bitcoin is a new thing, and at the same time, it has 7 x 24h transactions all over the world. Therefore, to a certain extent, it is indeed a good target for speculation.
However, the price is only one aspect of bitcoin, and even can be said to be a relatively unimportant aspect. In the development of bitcoin in the past 7 years, many experts predicted the death of bitcoin, but they were all wrong. The number and application scope of bitcoin system are expanding. We can predict, in the futureThere will be countless people predicting the death of bitcoins, but we can also predict that their predictions will not come true.

 Bitcoins can easily be transferred anonymously to anyone in the world, [6]. Bitcoin is a tool, the system itself can not limit the way people use it. One of them

The grey example is that there was a gambling site called the bitcoin dice in the early days of which the bitcoin transaction associated with the site once accounted for the number of full network transactions.
Half. Another famous example is the Silk Road. The silk road is an anonymous black market for illegal trading, and it is passed through bitcoin.
Pricing and completing the transaction. At present, the website has been sealed up by the US FBI and sealed up 26000 bitcoins, the website operator Ross Williams Ubu Leigh F.
(Ross William Ulbricht)A number of serious accusations have also been made. The batch of bitcoins seized by FBI has been auctioned 3 times, which indirectly shows us official pairs.
Bitcoin’s attitude: crime is a human being, not a tool. It should be noted that bitcoin is just a new technology, and there is no good or evil in itself. How to use new technology depends on
In the choice of people, if bitcoin is used by criminals, they oppose or even ban bitcoin, which is nothing more than to choke off their food.

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