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Server hardware resource information operation:



View the command of CPU information:


w Order:

Here load average indicates that the load is 1 minutes, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes. If the expression is 1.01, the load is basically overloaded, and the general health value is between 0.6-0.7.

Command: fdisk

linuxNext fdisk command operation disk detailed solution — add, delete, convert partition, etc.



File operation command operation:


 cdRepresentative entry

ls -al Look at the directory under this directory

cd ~ :We can also enter our home directory

This represents the cycle of creation!!!!

rm You can delete the file, but! If you want to circular delete folders,

rm -r filename

If you don’t want to ask him:

rm -rf  filename

This representative is forced to delete!!!


vimIt’s a new version of vi. When you open a file that is not created by him, he will help you create it automatically.

VIM is to read all files into memory, not all files can be opened with VIM (for example, file size larger than memory).

Specific usage:

Supplement: not to enter the editor, GG quickly put the top, GG quickly set tail, DD delete a line, UU withdraw the previous operation, YY copy the current line, P paste YY copy of the data.



There are also orders:

less more

The reading of one line and one line. Controllable paging


Search commands:

grep -n 'Key word' fileName             (-n Optional, to display the number of rows.



Statistical orders:

cat fileName | wc -l


When VIM opens a file, it is available:

:set number

Display line number



In fact, in the Linux system, many commands can be used with him, such as the grep ‘keyword’ fileName WC -l, which returns the number of key words. This is equivalent to data transfer, sending the last data to the next one.A command.


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