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Because the new computer is equipped with computers, the old computers will be eliminated, and the old computers will be used as personal workstations.

Since the Ubuntu 16.04 64bit system is installed on the old computer, the system comes with Python 2.7, and the version is 2.7 version.

First install pip

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev

On the old computer, there was a 2010 old graphics card GT216. In order to save things, there was no display driver for the time. If it was necessary, it would consider installing a slightly better video card, and then specialize in a NVIDIA driver installation, with only a little test on your own machine, such asFruit needs or servers

Install TensorFlow

sudo pip install --upgrade

2.7This version is recommended in the first version of the version 1.8. The result is always segment error error.

Try not to use Anaconda, although you have a lot of libraries, but the environment is not easy to use, the default is the 1.8 version, it is not good to make the whole system environment, after unloading, you have to manually delete the.Cache folder, and re update the apt-get updatE, it can be said that it is not worth the loss

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