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1. Interface test



Interface test, postman Jmeter function test, data from database.

The data returned by the interface are all JSON

Front end: Web page HTML css/app Android object-C page display
get Distinguish from post.
get   Browser default callgetRequest to use URL and cookie to transmit post data to body.
get   Obtain data post Get is idempotent, post is not
Transmission types, methods, common usage scenarios, advantages and disadvantages
get Only Baotou postHaving a complete request for Baotou
HTTP Request request header request body url:xxxx header transmit some additional information.
200 2The beginning of the access success 3003 is the beginning of the redirection
400 4At the beginning, it sends a request on behalf of the client with syntax errors, 403 no privileges, 404 no page.
500 5At the beginning, there are 500 exceptions on behalf of the server, 504 of the server internal exception, and the server timeout.
cookie  Local storage key value pair session server key value pair Cooke session: 
By the way, Amway has a very good Jmeter plug-in.

Jmeter Install plug-in  


urlIt is displayed as the encoding format:
cookie Administration


File upload


Two, Jmeter performance testing tools

JmeterWrite scripts

1、Modify JMeter to view the result tree random code problem:

Find the file in the jmeter\bin directory and find the following sampleresult.default.encoding.


Keeping the file and restarting JMeter can solve the problem of JMeter returning to solve the garbled problem.

Add thread group


Jmeter File upload


Timestamp: Jmeter to exactly milliseconds, how many seconds have passed from the day the computer was born?


User-defined variable parameterization


Function assistant –Rodom


CSV Parameterization is not written. Absolute path is read from the Jmeter bin directory by default.
HTTP CookieManager


The number of concurrent users TPS the number of processing requests per second per server response time.
Polymerization Report


Jmeter Connection database
Database URL : jdbc:mysql://****/jxz?characterEncoding=utf8&allowMultiQueries=true
JDBC Driver class : com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
The topic that can’t be wrapped around: About cookie and session, I have a dialogue with Baba.

There are many babies who do not understand the mechanism of token very much. I don’t know what it is.

Later knowledge points will be supplemented at any time. Welcome to our attention.

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